Dalmatino’s new offer: “street view” dining

In addition to its offer, Konoba Dalmatino expands its existing seating arrangement to the streets in front of the entrance. Additional tables are set along the corner of Miha Pracata and Cvijete Zuzorić Street, giving its guests an insight into the vivid street atmosphere of Dubrovnik Old Town. Seating is limited, offering 2 tables for four in the Cvijete Zuzorić Street and 2 tables for two in Miha Pracata Street.

– The idea was to provide our guests the option of “street view” while dining at Dalmatino, since the rest of the capacities offer more intimate atmosphere, without the intrusion of the outer world. However, our street offer is limited to 4 tables altogether, as we didn’t want to cut on our standards, neither the food nor the service. In this way we made a compromise between our guest’s demands and the actual kitchen possibilities, which unlike the seating arrangements could not be expanded to cater for larger number of guests. – said Robert Jasprica, owner of Konoba Dalmatino.

Besides seating on the streets in front, Konoba Dalmatino offers outside tables along the private court yard, and inside tables in the main hall, while the VIP room will be closed during June, July, August and September.