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Konoba Dalmatino is proud to offer you its finest selection of Croatia’s wines. Indulge your taste buds choosing from our white or the red wines, coming from the regions of Dalmatia, Istria and Slavonia. Spare the moment and savor your life enjoying it in every glass of Croatian wine.

White wines

0,75 l - 110,00 kn
0,15 l - 25,00 kn
Lanterna Rukatac, (Pelješac)

Straw yellow in color. The aroma of fresh citrus, tropical fruit , mostly pineapple and green grass . In the mouth fresh , mineral and light body

0,75 l - 200,00 kn
0,15l - 42,00 kn
Pošip Toreta (Korčula)

Light yellow with greenish reflection and pure fruity savor. It leaves a dry, warm and fresh mineral taste.

0,75 l - 340,00 kn Pošip Grgić (Pelješac)

Rich aromas of apricot and apples an aroma of vanilla

0,75 l - 280,00 kn Malvasija Tezoro (Konavle)

Full-bodied, aromas of spices and dried fruit. Excellent balance between acid and alcohol. Famous wine of the Dubrovnik Republic.

0,75 l - 155,00 kn Sveta Ana (Pelješac)

Dry wine, light yellow in color, rich aroma, harmonious, warm and rich flavor.

0,75 l - 240,00 kn
0,15 l - 50,00 kn
Chardonnay Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo)

Full-bodied Chardonnay abundant in fruity, apricot and apple aromas with a hint of vanilla

0,75 l - 270,00 kn Galić Bijelo 9 (Lukač, Kutjevo) (Graševina-chardonnay-sauvignon)

Creamy, elegant wine, aromas of dried apricot , orange peel and butter. Special selection of grapes; limited quantity.

0,75 l - 180,00 kn Rajnski Rizling (Buhač)

The soft greenish-yellow color. Light floral notes, citrus and a slightly noticeable apple.

0,75 l - 200,00 kn Graševina Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo)

Mature wine of deep yellow-greenish color, with mixture of fruit and herbal aromas

Rose wines

0,75 l - 195,00 kn
0,15 l - 42,00 kn
Rose Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo)

Vibrant freshness, playfulness and pronounced fruit fragrances, wild strawberries and raspberries entwined with fresh summer apples. Simply attractive.

Red wines

0,75 l - 110,00 kn
0,15 l - 25,00 kn
Plavac, Dalmacija (Donja Banda Pelješac)

Attractive ruby red color and a rich body, harmonious scents and distinct aroma.

0,75 l - 300,00 kn
0,15 l - 62,00 kn
Dingač Matuško (Pelješac)

Medium to full bodied wine with a dark cherry color. Distinct tannin flavor when first palated

0,75 l - 440,00 kn Dingač Reserva Matuško (Pelješac)

Lively ruby red color with an intense, powerful aroma of berries, sweet and sour cherries

0,75 l - 155,00 kn Plavac Mali – Bezek (Pelješac)

Ruby red wine with fruity and French oak aromas.

0,75 l - 220,00 kn
0,15 l - 46,00 kn
Babić Kursan (Šibenik)

The dark ruby red color, balanced, rich and rounded flavor, powerful body.

0,75 l - 280,00 kn Merlot Negromant (Konavle)

The wine has a dark ruby color, very pleasant fragrance, with a distinct taste and bouquet.

0,75 l - 490,00 kn Plavac Mali Grgić (Pelješac)

Ruby colored wine with long lasting warm taste and the aroma of berries

0,75 l - 270,00 kn Pinot Crni Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo)

Intense aroma of violets, cherries and wild strawberries followed by scents of tobacco and dark chocolate

0,75 l - 200,00 kn Cabernet Sauvignon (Nuić)

Dark red color, fruity- floral aromas (plum , violet). The taste is harmonious, full and rounded with a nice harmonized tannins.

0,75 l - 490,00 kn Boškinac (Pag)

Merlot and c.sauvignon . Ruby red color, harmonious, intense aroma of dried plums and aromatic herbs abundant on the island of Pag.

Dessert wines

0,50 l - 185,00 kn Muškat Kabola (Istra)

Flavor is bordering semi-sweet and sweet, partly warm and soft.

0,375l - 450,00 kn Graševina, ledeno vino Galić

Sweet, soft and gentle at first. Floral notes mixed with herbal tones and spicy touch of Noble Rot. Warmth of the alcohol on the palate lasts for a long time .

Sparkling wines - Champaign

0,75 l - 360,00 kn Don Mateo Brut (Pelješac)

A refreshing and well balanced sparkling wine with a smooth body

0,75 l - 420,00 kn Don Mateo Rose (Pelješac)

Flowery aroma, sparkling, crisp and dry flavor

0,75 l - 3800,00 kn Valomet pjenušac ispod mora (Krk)

Crystal clear, transparent color, light and lasting bouquet, long lasting lively bubbles

0,75 l - 850,00 kn Moet & Chandon (France)

0,75 l - 280,00 kn Cuvee Rose (Italy)

0,20 l - 65,00 kn Prosecco extra dry / Blu (Italy)

Top White Wines

0,75 l - 350,00 kn Pošip Korta Katarina (Korčula)

Golden- greenish color with intense aroma of citrus, blended with white fruits and wildflowers. Full- bodied and tasty with a mild bitterness; fresh and smooth.

0,75 l - 290,00 kn
0,15 l - 60,00 kn
Grk Bartul (Korčula)

Great length, youthfulness, striking but with a finely balanced play on bitter - sweet.

0,75 l - 290,00 kn Malvazija Alba „Barrique“ (Istra)

Powerful but attractive scent of fruity floral character, which is dominated by acacia flower

0,75 l - 240,00 kn
0,15 l - 50,00 kn
Sauvignon Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo)

First scent hints freshness of a green pepper and freshly cut hay which is followed by enticing gooseberry aromas

0,75 l - 340,00 kn Nevina St. Hills (Pelješac)

Clean straw yellow color with shades of gold. Intense aromas of citrus , peach and tropical fruits.

Top Red Wines

0,75l - 270,00 kn Postup Zicada (Pelješac)

Dark red, very pronounced body , harmonious in taste with pleasant astringency.

0,75 l - 795,00 kn Royal Matuško (Pelješac)

Full bodied wine of a ruby red color. It is dominated with cherry, dark chocolate and vanilla aroma. Contains higher percentage of alcohol (up to 17%) and it goes well with all dishes and desserts

0,75 l - 460,00 kn Zlatan Plavac „Grand Cru“ (Hvar)

An intense aroma of berry fruit with traces of strawberry, chocolate and spices

0,75 l - 290,00 kn Crno 9 Galić (Lukač, Kutjevo) (merlot-cabernet sauvignon)

Deep and dark red color with a hint of purple. Pleasant aroma, predominately spicy- tobacco, cedar, black pepper and oak

0,75l - 400,00 kn Plavac Korta Katarina (Pelješac)

Ruby red color, full-bodied with distinctive aromatic profile. Mature aromas of dried and cooked fruits followed by the Mediterranean herbs and spices.