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Konoba Dalmatino is proud to offer you its finest selection of Croatia’s wines. Indulge your taste buds choosing from our white or the red wines, coming from the regions of Dalmatia, Istria and Slavonia. Spare the moment and savor your life enjoying it in every glass of Croatian wine.

White wines

0,75 l - 150,00 kn
0,15 l - 32,00 kn
Pošip Grgurević (Pelješac)

A fresh, playful, airy wine with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, from the indigenous golden yellow grapes of the Pošip type from Peljesac.

0,75 l - 220,00 kn Pošip Toreta (Korčula)

A straw yellow color, with harmonious freshness and a distinctive full aroma.

0,75 l - 190,00 kn
0,15l - 40,00 kn
Chardonnay Buhač (Slavonija)

A mature aroma with refined woody notes reminiscent of pistachios and marzipan.

0,75 l - 300,00 kn
0,15l - 62,00 kn
Grk Bartul (Korčula)

An autothonous grape type from the island of Korčula, with notes of white pepper, pear, and melon.

0,75 l - 230,00 kn
0,15l - 48,00 kn
Sauvignon Bolfan (Slavonija)

Straw colored with tones of tropical fruit with herbal notes of nettles, grass, and green pepper.

0,75 l - 190,00 kn Sveta Ana (Pelješac)

An elegant wine with aromas of honey and tropical fruit.

0,75 l - 230,00 kn Malvazija Kabola (Istra)

A clean scent with a distinctive floral-fruit aroma. The wine is dry, soft, fresh, and has a pleasant mineral note.

0,75 l - 290,00 kn Pošip Barrlie Grgurević (Pelješac)

A complex aged sur lie wine, filled with the harmonic tones of the finest oak and the scent of the Mediterranean indigenous golden yellow Pošip grapes from Peljesac.

0,75 l - 280,00 kn Malvasija Tezoro (Konavle)

The floral character and aroma of fruit give this wine a universal appeal.

0,75 l - 190,00 kn Pinot Sivi Ivan Čobanković (Slavonija)

A subtle aroma, strong body, and elevated alcohol level are merged into an experience that remains on the palate for a long time.

Rose wines

0,75 l - 150,00 kn
0,15 l - 32,00 kn
Rose Buhač (Slavonija)

A delicately colored rosé wine with prominent fruit tones of raspberries and blackberries.

0,75 l - 250,00 kn Rose Rizman (Klek)

Dry and attractive with a sharp dose of acidity with notes of cranburries and cherries.

Red wines

0,75 l - 150,00 kn
0,15 l - 32,00 kn
Plavac Selekcija Grgurević (Pelješac)

From the indigenous Plavac mali grapes from Peljesac, with a full body, harmonious flavors of dried fruit, with mild aromas of blueberries and cherries.

0,75 l - 230,00 kn
0,15l - 48,00 kn
Babić Kursan (Šibenik)

A highly developed wine scent with tones of raspberries and black currants.

0,75 l - 320,00 kn
0,15 l - 66,00 kn
Dingač Matuško (Pelješac)

Full and rounded flavor, harmonious taste combining astringency and sweetness. Most noble and famous Croatian wine.

0,75 l - 450,00 kn Matuško Reserva (Pelješac)

Characteristic fruity aroma (dark berries) aged in barrique barrels making this wine elegant and soft.

0,75 l - 850,00 kn Matuško Royal (Pelješac)

Full bodied wine of a ruby red color, dominated with cherry, dark chocolate and vanilla aroma.

0,75 l - 360,00 kn Plavac Grgurević „Grand Crue“ (Pelješac)

A powerful and exceptionally rich taste, with a harmony of power and smoothness with notes of plums, dried figs, vanilla, black tea, and candied fruit.

0,75 l - 270,00 kn Merlot Korlat (Benkovac)

A powerful and rich structure, supported by aromas of ripe red fruit, cherries and raspberries, additionally harmonized by spice notes.

0,75 l - 240,00 kn Pinot Crni BQ Enjingi (Slavonija)

A ruby red color, aromas of blueberries and Maraska cherries, and a very mild nuance of bitterness.

0,75 l - 230,00 kn Cabernet Sauvignon Nuić (BIH)

A ruby red color and aromas of dried dark fruit, mint, tobacco, pepper, and eucalyptus.

0,75 l - 190,00 kn Syrah Nigra (Krk)

The scent is dominated by the aroma of blackberries, and in the mouth is dry and slightly sour with a taste of wood and spices.

Dessert wines

1,00 l - 150,00 kn
0,15l - 26,00 kn
Prošek Plahinić

A desert wine produced in the traditional manner from the highest quality grapes of the Plavac Mali type.

0,50 l - 220,00 kn Muškat Kabola (Istra)

The seductive aromas of meadow flowers mixed with the mild sweetness of acacia.

Sparkling wines - Champaign

0,75 l - 190,00 kn
0,15l - 65,00 kn
Prosecco Blu (Italy)

A refreshing and well-balanced sparkling wine with a smooth body.

0,75 l - 3490,00 kn Valomet underwater sparkling wine (Krk)

Crystal clear, with a transparent color, a light and durable bouquet, and long-lived lively bubbles.

0,75 l - 240,00 kn Valomet (Krk)

A starting aroma of white flowers and citrus, accompanied by light tastes of honey and jam.

0,75 l - 820,00 kn Moet Chandon Brut Imperial (France)

A light golden color with tiny bubbles, and aromas of apples, pears, peaches, and citrus.

0,75 l - 320,00 kn Deep Blue (Pelješac)

An elegant and sophisticated pearlescent sparkling wine, with aromas of tropical fruit and a golden orange color, especially perfect in combination with seafood.